Special THANKS to all the neighbers who are gearing up for our 1st annual PLV Community Garage SALE on Saturday, October 22,2011, 9:00- 3:00 p.m. Bring your good but used donation items to the pool area at 8:00-8:30 a.m. If unique, you can put a suggested price on it, otherwise items will be sold according to a suggested list price. Items will be discounted as the day progresses. Any remaining items will be donated to local charities. All sales proceeds will go to support the CBIC projects (such as the entrance garden, playground, pool safety equipment). Care to volunteer? contact Diane Gard at POA link and mark your message Garage sale. It's going to be great!!!! See you there!!!

  • Diane Gard
  • CBIC Chairman
  • Oct 10, 2011

The Community Beautification and Improvements Committee has been hard at work.. Thanks to all who worked on the front gate garden design! Thank you ,thank you, thank you! Malakoff Nursery has agree to subsidize this project so we can enjoy a more beautiful entrance! Look for the awesome display coming in the next few weeks!

  • Diane Gard
  • CBIC chairman
  • Oct 10, 2011

I have been a property owner since 1989 and my love of Cedar Creek as grown so much over the past years. I have wonderful memories of family get togethers, children and teenagers spending weekends fishing, hiking, skiing and generally playing all over the lake. Point La Vista is and maintained to be an area on Cedar Creek to be known as a warm, friendly and safe location to live. Wonderful neighbors and friends, too. There is always a peace that comes over me when I am at the lake. The heart rate goes down, calm even respirations, sleep is peaceful, and the voices of laughing across the water and in the neighborhood gives me comfort and a hopefulness to always be "at home, at Cedar Creek Lake". It's a wonderful place to live. If you are reading this and have a desire to get away from the hustle and bustle of large metropolis, relax in a hammock, listen to birds, watch the ducks and fish for your dinner, generally just kick back. You deserve a home at Cedar Creek and in Point La Vista. Start building your memories. Life is not a dress rehearsal...this is the real thing.

  • Beverly Linton
  • Mary Kay Beauty Consultant
  • Aug 27, 2011

I have a waterfront lot (60' X 200') on Point La Vista Dr for sale. It has approximately 5 feet of water when the lake is full. Call if interested.I am a beekeeper and remove honeybees from trees, walls, sheds,etc., so if you have a problem with bees give me a call. I also sell local honey. 903-489-3896

  • W.D. Martin
  • Aug 01, 2011

Thanks to Diane Gard for the coffee and donuts at the neighborhood watch meeting saturday Nov.5th. I had to leave at 11:00 and was wondering if there was a leader picked for this organization and what the next step is? 11-10-11 bob purdy

  • bob purdy
  • none
  • Nov 10, 2011

What a wonderful community spirit! Our community garage sale was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who donated such wonderful items!. Thanks and praise also to the CBIC volunteers, neighbors and friends who gave their time, efforts and support. We had great weather and a good turn out. We are well on our way to beautify the entrance, coming soon!

  • Diane Gard
  • CBIC Chairman
  • Oct 24, 2011

Interested in purchasing a vacant lot on the manufactured housing side of Point Lavista. Please email location and asking price. Thank you!

  • Judy Brown
  • N/A
  • Sep 27, 2010

My husband and I purchased our lot last year and everyone that has seen it and the area have been impressed by the beauty!

  • Jan Starr Kusler
  • kusler work Farm
  • May 06, 2010

Bob Battle has a petition he has everyone signing. Please see him if you have not signed it. Something needs to be done.

  • Apr 01, 2010

What a great job you've done on the website. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Also, I'm curious if anyone has received their outrageous water/sewer bill, beside me? Interested in trying to do something about it?

  • Jill Smith
  • Gibson Discount Pharmacy - Seagoville, Tx
  • Apr 01, 2010

I am ready to say good-bye to the trampoline in my backyard (lake side). 5444 Point La Vista Drive. If anyone would like a free trampoline which is still in pretty good condition, you may go to my yard and take it away! After doing so, please add a posting on this site so that others will know that it is already gone. Many thanks.

  • Valerie Rees-Jones
  • owner
  • Apr 27, 2009

We want you to know the website looks GREAT. If you have any questions or concerns you can email us at LAKESHOREUTILITY@EMBARQMAIL.COM We try provide good customer service to all of our customers and welcome any suggestion you may have. We do read the meters which can be mis-read due to many factors, but will correct any problem if there is one. Keep up the good work to make Point La Vista the best!

  • the office
  • Lakeshore Utility
  • Apr 01, 2009

Looking to sell 157 Rio Vista please call 972-571-8791 if someone you know might like to move in this nice cabin like home. Home is on the pond by the park.

  • Luis Sanchez
  • non
  • Nov 03, 2008

Thank you for getting this website up & going. We really needed this to communicate with those not able to attend annual meetings, ect. I'm sure it will be most helpful. I look forward to submitting some exciting/beautiful photos of our subdivision. My husband & I have lived here since July 1992 & I have always felt secure here. We have a great bunch of people living here & that is such a plus. Thank you to all that put in the extra effort & time to make Point La Vista a nice place to live. We are really enjoying our new home. Thank you for the ones that have stopped by to say how nice it looks. It is a work in progress.

  • Joy & Richard Tudor / Casa Verde
  • ?
  • Oct 27, 2008

I love the website. Very nice. I would just like to say THANK YOU to the board members for working so hard to keep our POA in good working order and making such good decisions on the resident's behalf. The improvements to the speed bumps are great. ALSO, my home is located directly across from the eye sore we call a house on Point LaVista Drive. The one that did not burn down.... Can anyone do something to make the owner's of this property either FIX IT or DEMO IT.. I moved here to get away from sights like that and am in high hopes this can be taken care of. NOTE: If there is anything I can do to help (being that I am affected by it directly) please let me know. Thanks so much.

  • Jackie
  • Floor Plans & More
  • Oct 22, 2008


  • John and Maxine Sumpter
  • None
  • Sep 08, 2008

Thanks for putting the website together. It's an informative site and a great way to keep the area connected. John and Maxine on Rio Vista

  • John and Maxine Sumpter
  • CTS
  • Jul 20, 2008

Thanks Mark for setting up the website. It will be great way to keep in touch and updated on information. We appreciate your hard work--Debby and Jimmy Murez

  • Jim and Debby Murez
  • Murez and family
  • Jul 14, 2008

I've visited Point La Vista on many occasions to visit family. I always find it such a wonderfully peaceful, clean, and enjoyable community. Thanks for the website to help me remember those visits.

  • Steven Lynn
  • Red Oak, TX
  • Jan 09, 2008

The new website looks great. Thanks for setting it up.

  • Alicia Kennedy
  • Rio Vista Drive
  • Dec 08, 2007