Below is a list of current fees assess by Point La Vista.  These are subject to change at any time with the Board of Directors approval.


PLV Fee Schedule

Annual Dues (Mandatory for all owners):  $150 per lot for 2021,  Will be mailed in October 2020, Due January 1st 2021

Special Assessment  (Mandatory for all owners):  $0 for 2021

Boat Ramp/Storage Lot Key:  $21 (non refundable), but we would appreciate the keys returned when you sell of not longer need them

Mowing/Adopt-A-Lot:  $50  All lots must be mowed by June 1st each year by the lot owner.  After June 1st and at the POA's discretion, they may arrange to have a lot mowed and charge the owner

Lot Cleanup:  $100 Should it become necessary for the POA to arrange to have junk, debris, or unsightly accumulation of junk removed from a lot

NSF Fee:  Actual bank charges plus a $40 fee for any check returned for insufficient funds (NSF)

Late Fee: $50 per lot 60 days after due date, unless on PLV approved payment plan  (Initiated by Board approved motion on 9/26/2020)

Lot Transfer Fee:  $75 (Changed from $15 by Approved Board motion on 9/26/2020)

Providing Resale Certificate:  $200 when requested by a title company (Initiated by Board approved motion on 9/26/2020)

Lein Filing Fee:  $50 (Raising to $55 10/1/2020 due to Henderson County increase) 

Construction Fees:  $1,000 (Combined $300 building fee and $700 road fee by Board approved motion on 9/26/2020)

Failure to Cease:  $250 per day when failing to cease construction after being notified

Legal Fees:  The POA will charge the lot owner actual fees incurred for legal expenses when a lawyer have to be engaged