Below is a list of current fees assess by Point La Vista.  These are subject to change at any time with the Board of Directors approval.


PLV Fee Schedule (as of 1/16/2021)

Annual Dues (Mandatory for all owners):  $150 per lot for 2021,  Will be mailed in October 2020, Due January 1st 2021

Special Assessment  (Mandatory for all owners):  $0 for 2021

Boat Ramp/Storage Lot Key:  $21 (non refundable), but we would appreciate the keys returned when you sell of not longer need them

Mowing/Adopt-A-Lot:  $50  All lots must be mowed by June 1st each year by the lot owner.  After June 1st and at the POA's discretion, they may arrange to have a lot mowed and charge the owner

Lot Cleanup:  $100 Should it become necessary for the POA to arrange to have junk, debris, or unsightly accumulation of junk removed from a lot

NSF Fee:  Actual bank charges plus a $40 fee for any check returned for insufficient funds (NSF)

Late Fee: $50 per lot 60 days after due date, unless on PLV approved payment plan  (Initiated by Board approved motion on 9/26/2020)

Lot Transfer Fee:  $75 (Changed from $15 by Approved Board motion on 9/26/2020)

Providing Resale Certificate:  $200 when requested by a title company (Initiated by Board approved motion on 9/26/2020)

Lein Filing Fee:  $50 (Raising to $55 10/1/2020 due to Henderson County increase) 

Construction Fees:  $1,000 (Combined $300 building fee and $700 road fee by Board approved motion on 9/26/2020)

Failure to Cease:  $200 per day when failing to cease construction after being notified (Board adjusted fee by approved motion on 1/16/2021)

Legal Fees:  The POA will charge the lot owner actual fees incurred for legal expenses when a lawyer have to be engaged




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