Upcoming meeting(s):


The next Board meeting will be Saturday January 16th from 1pm to 3pm.  Since the pool pavilion is closed for repairs we will meet at the Tennis Courts.  This will be an in person meeting and all owners are encouraged to attend, but please bring your own chair.  Even though we will be outside and able to distance masks will be required. 

Agenda Topics are:


Old Business

Update on CCR violation banning signs - Denny's

Update on Animal Control

Update on Malakoff ISD Bus Routing

Update on mowing contractor performance

Update on Fire Marshal sweep 

Update on Lakeshore Utility Water Quality Report



New Business

Motion to Add/remove new/former board members from bank signature card 

Set 2021 meeting dates

Review and Approve Role of the Secretary and  Role of the Treasurer

Review all prior Board's decisions prior to publishing

2020 Financial Review

Review and Approve complete fee schedule

Update on Pool Pavilion Repair Plan/cost

Update on Boat Ramp Repair Plan/cost

Review and Approve high level plan to reduce the number of delinquent property owners

Address software licensing issues

Board to set tentative 2021 road maintenance budget and appoint road committee

Set and Approve January-June 2021 budget

Memorandum of Understanding with Lakeshore Utility on water/sewer hookups


New Business from the Floor



Previous meeting minutes:


9-26-2020 Board Meeting Minutes

1-18-2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Note:  Annual meeting scheduled for Saturday July 11th was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Texas Governors executive order limiting gatherings of people to 10 or less.

7-11-2020 Board Meeting Minutes




3-16-2019 Board Meeting Minutes

6-15-2019 Board Meeting Minutes

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