Point La Vista is a private community.  Our Amenities for owners only.  limited number of guests must be accompanied by the owner.  Renters are not allowed to use the amenities.   


Swimming Pool

The community has a 17 foot by 34 foot swimming pool.  It is open Tuesday-Sunday from 9am-8pm. (Closed Mondays for cleaning)


Pool Pavilion

Adjacent to the pool is a covered pavilion.  There are 3 eight foot picnic tables and there are ceiling fans to help stay cool in the warm summer months.


Tennis Court

There is a single, double court located next to the Pool and Pavilion.  There is a pickleball net that can be requested through the PLV secretary.


Boat Ramp

We have a private boat ramp that is located on lot 195.  The dock is considered a commercial dock and is regulated and licensed through Tarrant Regional water District.  There is sufficient parking for 2-4 vehicles with trailers.  The gate is locked at all times.  Members can request a key from the PLV secretary (non refundable fee applies).


Private Roads

The community has approximately 10 miles of private roads maintained by the POA.  Maintaining the roads is typically the largest single expense per year, but by being private their care and condition is completely in the control of our members.


Storage Lot

There is a chain link fenced and locked storage lot that is free to use by our members. Members can request a key from the PLV secretary (non refundable fee applies)

Note:  The POA is not responsible for any damage to or theft of property stored in the storage lot.  


Centralized Locked Mailboxes

The mailboxes for the entire PLV community are located near the pool and tennis court on Paso Real.  If you are a new owner, or building, contact the Post Office in Malakoff, and they will assign you a box and issue you keys.  There are larger boxes at the bottom of the mailboxes that the letter carrier will place packages for you.  They leave the key for a specific numbered package box in your mailbox.  Once you've retrieved your package, leave the key in the box so they can use it for the next person.

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