Point La Vista on Cedar Creek Lake


About the Community

Point La Vista is a family-oriented community on the shores of Cedar Creek Lake.  The subdivision is made up of 537 lots over 4 miles of private roads and over a mile of Cedar Creek shoreline.  We have a pool, pavilion, tennis court, boat ramp and storage lot for the use of our owners/residents.  We are serviced by:


  • Henderson County Sheriff for law enforcement
  • Caney City Volunteer Fire Department
  • Lakeshore Utility for water and sewer
  • Malakoff Independent School District
  • Malakoff Post Office




We are located on the south east end of Cedar Creek Lake near the towns of Caney City, Log Cabin, and Malakoff TX. 

Distance to nearby cities:

  • Gun Barrel City:  13 miles
  • Athens:  14 miles
  • Tyler:  49 miles
  • Dallas:  67 miles
  • Shreveport:  155 miles
  • Houston:  197 miles


About the Property Owners Association

Point La Vista Property Owners Association, Inc. a non-profit corporation, was incorporated July 22, 1985 and issued charter #760227 in the state of Texas.  The first meeting of the Board of Directors was held on September 7, 1985.  The developer, Tamarack Inc, assigned their rights under the CCRs and the Utility easements to Point La Vista Property Owners Association, Inc on August 22, 1990


The POA is a “mandatory POA” meaning property owners within the subdivision automatically become members and are required to adhere to the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) that are tied to the property.

The purpose of the POA is to provide for the preservation and maintenance of the subdivision including:

  • Promotion of the; common good, health, safety, and welfare of our members
  • Enforce the CCRs, By-laws, and rules and regulations of the corporation
  • Fix, levy, collect and enforce payment of all charges and assessments
  • Pay all expenses for the maintenance, gardening, utilities, materials, supplies & services, of POA property including roads
  • Maintain the aesthetic value of the subdivision for the common benefit of our members

There are 5 Directors on the PLV Board of Directors elected by the members of the association.  The Board is responsible for setting direction for POA and passing Association rules.  The board elects the officers of the corporation.

There are four officers:  President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.


You can access filed copies of our Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, Bylaws and Plat Map by going to the Documents tab. 


About Cedar Creek Lake 

Cedar Creek Lake (also known are Cedar Creek Reservoir) was built on Cedar Creek a tributary of the Trinity river.  The lake discharge now flows into the Trinity river.  Lake construction started in 1961 and was completed in 1965 as a water reservoir for Tarrant County. The lake is roughly 36,000 acres, is over 18 miles long, and 2 miles wide.  There are many channels and bays making around 300 miles of shoreline.  The lake is known for its Bass, Catfish and Crappie fishing.


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