BEFORE you BUILD within Point La Vista (PLV)





BEFORE Any new home, moving a mobile home onto an empty lot, or building a carport, garage or an addition that adds 25% or more of livable (enclosed and conditioned) square footage within Point La Vista (PLV):

1.  If this is a new purchase check out the before you buy section of the website

2.  Have a site survey prepared

3.  Understand what section the lot(s) are in and if in section 1 what classification (waterfront, Adjacent to/Across from waterfront or interior). 

     Here is a link to a color coded map of PLV. 

     Then refer to the Point La Vista CCRs, found under the Documents -> Downloads for the various requirements.

NOTE:  Set backs as specified in the Point La Vista CCRs are:

NOTE:  All buildings must be completed not later than six months after laying foundation or beginning of construction, and no structure of a temporary character, trailer, mobile home, bus, tent, shack, barn or other out-building, nonconforming structure or any type of manufactured housing shall be used on a Lot at any time as a residence, either temporarily or permanently.   

4.    Submit all plans to the PLV Secretary at who will distribute them to the Architectural Review Committee for review. 

Downloadable samples of the required documents:


Site Survey          Building/Floor Plans          Materials List          Construction Schedule 


5.   For new homes or bringing in a mobile home, along with all plans, mail a check to Point La Vista POA at 15367 Paso Real, Malakoff, TX 75148 for the required construction fee of $1,000. 

6.  The POA Secretary will provide a written approval of the plans from the Board of Directors prior to beginning ANY construction.  Do not start construction until you have received written approval. 





All Point La Vista contact information is found under Contact Us

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